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Spectrum Analysis is the market leader in the development of sophisticated franchise analysis and franchise site selection. Spectrum Analysis specialises in new sales prediction tools for multi-site retail chains that maximise the franchisor return. The vast array of the franchise analysis and site selection products offered by Spectrum Analysis combine the most detailed demographic information available with a powerful geographic and mapping engine. These specialised franchise analysis tools give an insight into the key demographic characteristics of a target consumer group, as well as detailing where the consumers live. In addition to the geodemographic analysis, the franchise site selection specialists are equipped to investigate the commercial characteristics of locations, their levels of exposure to consumers and their capacity for growth in the future. Spectrum Analysis’ team of highly trained statisticians use available data sources to generate the best marketing solutions and sales prediction tools available through sophisticated franchise analysis and site selection techniques. The leaders in franchise analysis have provided consulting services for many large companies in a large variety of market segments, both locally and internationally, over the last ten years. Prior to the establishment of the franchise site selection group, Managing Director Peter Buckingham had a long history in the oil industry providing territory management services. Franchise site selection By setting up a franchise properly right from the beginning, much of the anxiety regarding franchisee unrest can be avoided. If franchisees understand the potential of their territory demonstrated by Spectrum Analysis, they will work harder to achieve it. Mapping The franchise analysis specialists’ mapping service provides a picture worth a thousand words. Franchise site selection maps generated by Spectrum Analysis show areas of high demand, as well as the locations of all franchise sites, or the locations of competitors. This franchise analysis provides a much better picture of the current state of a particular franchise network and how to best progress forward, rather than many pages of addresses and reports. Market and franchise analysis One of the greatest potential costs to a franchise is having outlets fail due to poor franchise site selection. This can be avoided by market and franchise analysis, carried out by Spectrum Analysis. The core of franchise analysis undertaken by Spectrum Analysis has been assisting retail businesses in building sales prediction models. This kind of project typically involves a survey of all sites within a network, followed by an analysis of the first-hand data, plus company data, demographics and other data available to Spectrum Analysis. Datapaks When buying a franchise, professional Datapaks provided by the franchisor will show the facts about the area and will give franchisees confidence in the system. Datapaks put all the key indicators from franchise analysis about a given location or territory in one neat package. The contents of a Datapak can be tailored to specific needs based on industry, target market or particular purpose. Many companies use Spectrum Analysis Datapaks as part of their package for new or prospective franchisees who require specific franchise analysis, while other companies use them to guide their local area marketing. Exit Surveying Spectrum Analysis exit surveying help franchisors with franchise site selection in relatively mature markets. Most retailers ask where their customers come from. Spectrum Analysis conducts exit surveys or customer travel pattern surveys for a number of fast food franchises around Australia. If a particular business provides customer address information, a tremendous amount can be gained by mapping this to see customer behaviour. The results of this franchise analysis by Spectrum Analysis is particularly useful in considering the effects of changes in an existing network of sites, such as the degree of cannibalisation that would occur if a new site opened in close proximity to an existing site.




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